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Halloween - Michael Myers by 10th-letter
Halloween - Michael Myers

Michael Myers, from Halloween, created by John Carpenter and Debra Hill in 1978
© Dimension Films

Sketch card
October 2o14

Marvel Now - Cyclops by 10th-letter
Marvel Now - Cyclops

The 7th of 54 sketch cards done for the Marvel Now! trading card series by Upper Deck</a>.

Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
First Appearance: X-Men #1, 1963
©Marvel Comics

Sketch card
December 2o13

House of Wax - Professor Henry Jarrod by 10th-letter
House of Wax - Professor Henry Jarrod

Professor Henry Jarrod, from the unpublished short story “The Wax Works”, created by Charles Spencer Belden (1904 – 1954)

Portrayed in the 1953 film by Vincent Price
© Warner Brothers Pictures

Sketch card
October 2o14

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes - Reigate Squire by 10th-letter
Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes - Reigate Squire

From the story “The Adventure of the Reigate Squire” (1894)

The 17th of 25 sketch cards done for the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes trading card series by Cult-Stuff.

Sherlock Holmes created by Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887
© in the public domain

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes originally published in 1894

Sketch card
June 2o13

Children of the Corn - Malachi by 10th-letter
Children of the Corn - Malachi

Malachi, from the shot story “Children of the Corn”, created by Stephen King in 1977
Portrayed in the 1984 film by Courtney Gains
© Stephen King (the film is ©New World Pictures)

Sketch card
October 2o14



10th-letter's Profile Picture
Currently Working On:
-The Wicker Man (Unstoppable Cards)

Up Next:
-Doctor Who's Daleks (Unstoppable Cards)
-Guardians of the Galaxy (Upper Deck)
-Marvel Masterpieces 2014 (Upper Deck)

Past Projects:
-The Man Who Fell to Earth (Unstoppable Cards)
-Women of The Avengers (Unstoppable Cards)
-Let the Good Times Roll (Island Dreams Cards)
-Babes of the Dead (5finity)
-Captain America 2 (Upper Deck)
-Star Wars Chrome Perspectives (Topps)
-Marvel NOW! (Upper Deck)

-Cherry, series II (5finity)
Scooby Doo villain illustrations (2) for the Jeepers! project
-Mars Attacks: Invasion (Topps)
-Thor 2 (Upper Deck)
-Beyond Stoker's Dracula (Cult-Stuff)
-Island Dreams 2013
-Edgar Allan Poe illustration for Portraits of Poe (Rocket Ink Studios)
-Blake's 7 (Unstoppable Cards)
-Wizard of Oz illustrations (2) for Wonderful Images of Oz (Create Space)
-Rock For Kids Charity project, 2 pieces
-Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (Cult-Stuff) (another 20 sketch cards) charity project
-The Great Sketch Card Swap 2o13 (30 cards)
-Maidens (sadlittles)
-Iron Man 3 (Upper Deck)
-Cowboys and Girl Indians (sadlittles)
-War of the Worlds (25 cards) for Cult-Stuff
-Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (25 cards) for Cult-Stuff [cards lost in the mail, not included in the set]

-Bram Stoker's Dracula (30 cards, 3 used as base cards) for Cult-Stuff
-Transformers for Breygent
-Dead World (25 cards) or Breygent
-Cherry (8 cards) for 5finity
-Be a Super Hero for Babies V charity project
-Star Wars Galactic Files (106 cards) for Topps
-Island Dreams 2012 (12 sketch cards, 2 over-sized sketch cards)
-Alterna Originals (5 cards) for Alterna Comics
-The Avengers 50th Anniversary (10 cards) for Unstoppable Cards
-Night of the Living Dead (20 cards) for Unstoppable Cards
-Kitty Ditties & Pretty Ladies (12 cards) for 5finity
-Mars Attacks Heritage (106 cards) for Topps
-Warlord of Mars (25 cards) for Breygent
-Marvel Beginnings, Series 2 (51 cards) for Upper Deck
-Avengers Assemble (51 cards) for Upper Deck
-Shi (6 cards) for 5finity

-Mac and Trouble (5 cards) for Rusty Ink
-Fatsa, Lord of the Dragons (5 cards) for Mercenary Art Studio
-Marla Bea 2 charity pieces
-Be a Super Hero for Babies IV (10 cards) charity project
-Island Dreams (4 cards) charity project
- Character design for Super Human Games' upcoming project
-Painkiller Jane (12 cards) for 5finity
-Galaxgals Eradication LLC (6 cards) for 5finity (another 15 sketch cards) charity project
-Manga Mandy (6 cards) for 5finity
-Great Sketch Card Swap (31 cards) sponsored by Sadlittles
-Voltron: United and Drawn (World Events/Moonstone Books), 1 page illustration

-Hack/Slash (10 cards) for 5finity
-P’ups Master Set (6 cards) (5Finity)
-Dreamers of Darkness (1 base, 30 sketch) for sadlittles
-Steve4mod Charity Project (5 cards)
-Jim Mahfood's Mixtape (26 cards) for 5finity
-The Pro (10 cards) for 5finity
-Cartoon Sketch (29 cards) for Breygent
-Golden Age of Comics (30 cards) for Breygent
-Blue Line Pro (4 sketch cards) charity project
-The Looking Glass (CreateSpace), 1 page illustration [book]
-Essence of Fairyland (1 base card, 30 sketch cards) for sadlittles (2010) (15 sketch cards) charity project
-Voltron (15 sketch cards) for 5finity

-Moonstone Maximum (17 sketch cards) for 5finity
-Zombies vs Cheerleaders (21 sketch cards) for 5finity
-Legends & Lore (1 base card, 20 sketch cards) for
-Archie Sketch Card project (6 sketch cards) for 5finity/March of Dimes
-Blue Line Pro (4 sketch cards) charity project

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Kweh-chan Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm SO sorry for the delay in this; 2013 was a bit of a roller coaster ride for me, but I have your sketch card finished.

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