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Currently working on:
British Horror (25 cards) for Unstoppable Cards

Past Projects:
-The Girls of Island Dreams (12 cards) for Island Dreams Cards
-Clerks for Upper Deck
-UFO (30 cards) for Unstoppable Cards
-Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Martians (cult-stuff)
-Alien Anthology for Upper Deck

-Be a Superhero for Babies, year 6 (March of Dimes charity)
-My Favorite Martian (Unstoppable Cards)
-Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson (Unstoppable Cards)
-British Horror [Preview Set] (Unstoppable Cards)
-Marvel Vibranium (Upper Deck)
-Prohibition Pretties (Island Dreams)
-Sherlock Holmes Long Stories (cult-stuff)
-Captain Scarlet (Unstoppable Cards)
-Space:1999 (Unstoppable Cards)
-Thunderbirds: 50 Years (Unstoppable Cards)
-Fleer Retro Marvel 2015 (Upper Deck)
-Island Dreams 2015 (Island Dreams)

-Ant-Man (Upper Deck)
-Avengers, Age of Ultron (Upper Deck)
-Marvel 3D Legendary (Upper Deck)
-Marvel Masterpieces 2014 (Upper Deck)
-Artist Dreams (Island Dreams Cards)
-Guardians of the Galaxy (Upper Deck)
-The Wicker Man (Unstoppable Cards)
-The Man Who Fell to Earth (Unstoppable Cards)
-Women of The Avengers (Unstoppable Cards)
-Let the Good Times Roll (Island Dreams Cards)
-Babes of the Dead (5finity)
-Captain America 2 (Upper Deck)
-Star Wars Chrome Perspectives (Topps)
-Marvel NOW! (Upper Deck)

-Cherry, series II (5finity)
Scooby Doo villain illustrations (2) for the Jeepers! project
-Mars Attacks: Invasion (Topps)
-Thor 2 (Upper Deck)
-Beyond Stoker's Dracula (Cult-Stuff)
-Island Dreams 2013
-Edgar Allan Poe illustration for Portraits of Poe (Rocket Ink Studios)
-Blake's 7 (Unstoppable Cards)
-Wizard of Oz illustrations (2) for Wonderful Images of Oz (Create Space)
-Rock For Kids Charity project, 2 pieces
-Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (Cult-Stuff) (another 20 sketch cards) charity project
-The Great Sketch Card Swap 2o13 (30 cards)
-Maidens (sadlittles)
-Iron Man 3 (Upper Deck)
-Cowboys and Girl Indians (sadlittles)
-War of the Worlds (25 cards) for Cult-Stuff
-Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (25 cards) for Cult-Stuff [cards lost in the mail, not included in the set]

-Bram Stoker's Dracula (30 cards, 3 used as base cards) for Cult-Stuff
-Transformers for Breygent
-Dead World (25 cards) or Breygent
-Cherry (8 cards) for 5finity
-Be a Super Hero for Babies V charity project
-Star Wars Galactic Files (106 cards) for Topps
-Island Dreams 2012 (12 sketch cards, 2 over-sized sketch cards)
-Alterna Originals (5 cards) for Alterna Comics
-The Avengers 50th Anniversary (10 cards) for Unstoppable Cards
-Night of the Living Dead (20 cards) for Unstoppable Cards
-Kitty Ditties & Pretty Ladies (12 cards) for 5finity
-Mars Attacks Heritage (106 cards) for Topps
-Warlord of Mars (25 cards) for Breygent
-Marvel Beginnings, Series 2 (51 cards) for Upper Deck
-Avengers Assemble (51 cards) for Upper Deck
-Shi (6 cards) for 5finity

-Mac and Trouble (5 cards) for Rusty Ink
-Fatsa, Lord of the Dragons (5 cards) for Mercenary Art Studio
-Marla Bea 2 charity pieces
-Be a Super Hero for Babies IV (10 cards) charity project
-Island Dreams (4 cards) charity project
- Character design for Super Human Games' upcoming project
-Painkiller Jane (12 cards) for 5finity
-Galaxgals Eradication LLC (6 cards) for 5finity (another 15 sketch cards) charity project
-Manga Mandy (6 cards) for 5finity
-Great Sketch Card Swap (31 cards) sponsored by Sadlittles
-Voltron: United and Drawn (World Events/Moonstone Books), 1 page illustration

-Hack/Slash (10 cards) for 5finity
-P’ups Master Set (6 cards) (5Finity)
-Dreamers of Darkness (1 base, 30 sketch) for sadlittles
-Steve4mod Charity Project (5 cards)
-Jim Mahfood's Mixtape (26 cards) for 5finity
-The Pro (10 cards) for 5finity
-Cartoon Sketch (29 cards) for Breygent
-Golden Age of Comics (30 cards) for Breygent
-Blue Line Pro (4 sketch cards) charity project
-The Looking Glass (CreateSpace), 1 page illustration [book]
-Essence of Fairyland (1 base card, 30 sketch cards) for sadlittles (2010) (15 sketch cards) charity project
-Voltron (15 sketch cards) for 5finity

-Moonstone Maximum (17 sketch cards) for 5finity
-Zombies vs Cheerleaders (21 sketch cards) for 5finity
-Legends & Lore (1 base card, 20 sketch cards) for
-Archie Sketch Card project (6 sketch cards) for 5finity/March of Dimes
-Blue Line Pro (4 sketch cards) charity project


Mars Attacks - Pulp Fiction
Mars Attacks cards first appeared in 1962, conceived and produced by Len Brown, Woody Gelman, Wally Wood, Bob Powell and Norman Saunders.
© Topps

Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield created by Quentin Tarantino in 1994, as seen in Pulp Fiction

21 x14.8 cm
April 2o16

The Hunger - David Bowie

Currently up for auction for a charity organization in the UK:…

John Blaylock, portrayed by David Bowie, created by Whitley Strieber in 1981, filmed in 1983

29.7 x 21 cm (11 ¾ x 8 ¼ inches)
February 2o17

Mars Attacks - They Live
Mars Attacks cards first appeared in 1962, conceived and produced by Len Brown, Woody Gelman, Wally Wood, Bob Powell and Norman Saunders.
© Topps

They Live originated from the story “Eight O’Clock in the Morning” in 1963 by Ray Nelson, brought to life by John Carpenter in 1988
©Universal Pictures

21 x14.8 cm
April 2o16

Joseph Merrick
In memory of John Hurt
22 January 1940 – 25 January 2017

With sincere respect for Joseph Carey Merrick
05 August 1862 – 11 April 1890

10 x15 cm
February 2o17



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inconsistentsea Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Glad you're doing Inktober! Cheerleader 
10th-letter Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2016
Hey cool, glad you're still keeping an eye on me. Indeed, I'll try to be good, this year will be especially tough (just time-wise) but hopefully ink will be laid down every day.
Thanks for cheering me on, much appreciated.
You're not going to do it this year?
inconsistentsea Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
You can do it! I am doing October Daily this year, which is more paper crafter and Halloween based and a better fit for me :D
10th-letter Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2016
Thanks. I'll push on. Which is part of the point; some of them are not what I wish them to be, but they are simply the best i could do *that* day
 I need to improve my brush work, so that's the plan. Thanks again.

Indeed, you love the craft work...have fun!
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